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Welcome to Brentwood Country Club of Los Angeles!

Brentwood Country Club is a strictly private member club. Only invited guests of members may visit the Club. In order to maintain the highest quality club atmosphere, we ask all guests of members to please adhere to the following:

Upon Arrival

All member's guests must register at the front desk. Golf bags will be taken from the front entrance/valet parking to the Starter's area and returned there at the end of play.

The General Manager and Staff are available for any assistance.

Dress Code

  • Men are required to wear collared shirts tucked into slacks or pants, and shorts must be no higher than 4" above the knee.
  • Women are required to wear skirts or shorts that are no shorter than five (5) inches above the center of the back of the knee (tennis attire worn by tennis players exempt), collared shirts or non-collared with sleeves, tailored slacks, or dresses
  • Denim is not permitted on the golf course but is allowed in the clubhouse.
  • The following attire is not acceptable:
    • Tee-Shirts
    • Abbreviated Attire
    • Athletic Wear
    • Baggy Clothing
  • Coverups are required for swim wear and workout attire.

Cellular Telephone Policy

Voice use of cell phones at the Club is prohibited except for some portions of the golf course. Texting is permitted. House telephones are available for communication.